Konjo means beautiful, tasty, and good. In Ethiopia, we say it to express our pleasure of experiencing a great cup of coffee. It is our mission to bring that experience to your home. Please bookmark this page and check back often. We will keep adding new content. We hope to keep it as fresh and interesting as our coffee. Located in Windsor, CO, we will gladly custom roast coffee to your specifications.


Our Coffee

Our Ethiopian coffee is freshly roasted and ground after you order. Starting with green coffee beans, we will roast them light, medium, dark, or anything in between. We can do a coarse grind like french roast, or fine espresso. Feel free to email me any requests or questions.


  • Try our Ethiopian Classic. It is a dark roasted and finely ground.
  • Ask about our coffee ceremony for any occasion.

* The photo is of our actual coffee.

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I’m Hirut Crusan born and raised in Yirgalem, in southern Ethiopia. Yirgalem, is a town in the state of Sidamo, which is world famous for coffee. Growing up I would spend every weekend from October to December at our family coffee farm, picking just the right coffee berries to be sent to the washing factory. But we saved the best berries for ourselves. I would carry bags of coffee for three miles from the farm to our home where we air dried and hulled the coffee for our family and neighbors. As a young girl, I didn’t yet know that coffee was my passion. I only knew how much hard work it was. I was even a little embarrassed carrying heavy bags of coffee past friends as they played, but it was then that the passion for coffee was becoming part of me.


Life moved on, but coffee remained a part of me. I found my way to Paris, then to America. I moved to Colorado, and started a family. While I enjoy going to the local coffee shops, and sampling different coffee, I would always roast my own coffee from green Ethiopian coffee beans. I am excited to share my passion with coffee lovers. I want to bring the taste, smell and feeling of Konjo Ethopian Coffee to you.

– Hirut

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The new update on the website

Hello everyone! We are excited to share that we just updated our website, and we are going to be at farmers market this summer here in Windsor. The market is every Thursday 5:30 till 8pm through the summer. We hope to see you there! -Hirut